Everglades: A Natural Estuary

The Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands are a rare and beautiful place.  It is one of North America’s unsung wild places – a beautiful, rugged, subtropical landscape that is experienced by a relatively few adventurous souls each year.

Traveling in Southwest Florida isn’t complete without stopping in the Everglades.  Whether you want to step into a haven amongst the mangroves, immerse yourself in the sense of wonder that surrounds you or sink deep into the slow, languid pace of life in a swamp!

We have listed our favorite activities, restaurants and tips for your Romp in the Swamp:

Museum of the Everglades

105 Broadway Ave w

Everglades, FL 34139


A showcase for the history of the Everglades region, the museum presents the story of 2,000 years of human habitation with artifacts and period photographs.

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

Immokalee, FL 34142


Two hiking trails are open to the public.  They provide the refuge visitor a chance to experience the various habitats found on the refuge

Wooten’s Air Boat Rides 


32330 Tamiami Trail E

Ochopee, FL 34141


Glide across 259 acres of the Everglades!  Watch, pet and hold alligators!  Soak up the natural beauty of a cypress forest on a Swamp Buggy Tour!  See panthers, tigers, otters, snakes and much more….


Fun Restaurants (try the’s delicious!)

Camelia Street Grill – 201 Camelia Street

City Seafood – 609 Begonia Street

Everglades Scoop – 203 Copeland Avenue

Grimm’s Stone Crab – 919 Dupont Street

Leebo’s Rock Bottom Bar – 801 S Copeland Ave

Oyster House – 901 Copeland Ave

Triad Seafood – 401 School Drive W