Marco Island, Wake Up. This Is Your Chance To Be Totally Cool For One Night

whatup dudes and dudettes? Pauly Shore is like, totally an ace legend in his own time. His 411 states clearly that he’s a brilliant, hilarious and acutely in tune with all things Hollywood. A celebrated comic and actor, Mr. Shore is like a force of nature that’s going to bea direct hit, so you better duck, Marco Island. Like, bud, Pauly’s not really an airhead. You like, literally need to get totally stoked, grab hold of your tickets like, yesterday. Get pumped and strap yourself in for the rather unique & chill Pauly Shore experience. You’re the chosen ones, Marco Island. This is Pauly’s birthday celebration and he wants you to be there. Don’t be a total noob and get burned by missing it when Pauly shreds it. Peace out, my friends.
Grab your Valleyspeak dictionary and catch the imitable Pauly Shore at Off The Hook Comedy Club on January 31 – February 2, 2014. 599 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island (239) 389-6901