Rarities and unusual things to see

There are many rarities and unusual things to see in the Western Everglades that border Marco Island.
These wonderful sights are available to be seen by guests staying in the comfort of Marco Escapes excellent vacation rental homes.

Among them is the “ghost” or white orchid. Discovered in the Corkscrew Sanctuary in 2007, it has since been monitored regularly by sanctuary staff. They report that, as of July 6, 2014, there are 15 fresh blooms.
According to an article posted on the Sanctuary website, “Once a ghost orchid bud opens into a flower, barring any interferrence (sic), it usually stays in bloom for about 1.5 to 2 weeks, yellowing and eventually shrivelling toward the end. If lucky the flower will be pollinated and produce a seed pod, however this does not happen every year.“
This is the largest example of this rare plant known to be anywhere. It is high in a bald cypress tree in the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, about ¾ of a mile out the Sanctuary boardwalk. Binoculars are required to see it, although there often is a spotting scope at the site and pointed n the right direction.
More information is available at the Sanctuary website (see link)