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Marco Escapes

Refund / Cancellation Policy

If a cancellation of reservation has been received on or before 60 days of scheduled reservation, we will refund our prospective guest 100% of all monies deposited, less the required reservation deposit collected at the time of booking. Marco Escapes, Inc. requests that its guests exude seriousness and good will in booking its vacation properties, just as we are serious in fulfilling our end of the commitment to the guest by delivering the property as contracted. Subsequently, no refunds will be made inside of 60 days within or during the scheduled booking. Early departures are no exception. Guest must acknowledge they have the option to purchase travel insurance for protection against unfortunate life altering events. Marco Escapes, Inc. makes every effort in good faith to accommodate our valued guests, and blocking a date for an unfulfilled lease and subsequently turning away another valued guest is not of our practice.

Protect yourself from the unexpected.  Marco Escapes Inc highly encourages our guests to run a quote and purchase Travel Insurance through our partner Travel Guard® HERE IN THIS LINK