The Calusa Cat

Where Rich History Meets Gorgeous Bling

Just like today, the Calusa people found Marco Island to be a magical, mystical, tropical kind of place. One late 18th century day, a sea captain by the name of Collier was digging in rich muck to use as fertilizer for his garden when he unearthed one of the most significant archeological finds of the times. A wooden statue that stood only 6 inches high became known as the Key Marco Cat, which remains to this day the symbol of the lost Calusa tribe. These sea-faring native Indians left behind a rich legacy of the tribal lifestyle with reverence to the Florida panther. They have shared with us the stunning and simplistic beauty of their iconic cat. For generations, Marco Island artisans have recreated the cat in a stunning array of mediums. From bronze statues to gold charms with emerald accents, both visitors and native Islanders alike are drawn the magic of this ancient feline.