Tigertail Beach-Majestic Simplicity

There is something so magical when the sun glints just so on the soft breaking waves. Sandpipers look like they are dancing on diamonds. Follow the seabirds as you travel along the Gulf of Mexico while on Marco Island. They want you to come visit them out on Tigertail Beach. From parking ($8 per day) to the Gulf side, be prepared for a short 10 minute walk. Check the local tide charts for low tide and you will be dazzled by the endless array of shells beneath your feet. This stretch of beach is as pristine as it is regal. While you dig your toes into the white sand, it’s easy to imagine yourself inside of a watercolored, tropical dream fantasy. While strolling along the beach, look carefully at that sand castle up ahead, it’s quite possible it was built by the mermaids who live in the Tigertail lagoon.