Marco Island’s Caf-fiends may have a new place to stoke their cravings.

Starbucks is a fascinating business. It built an entire world-wide franchise based on strong coffee and a strong brand. Lots of people go out of their way to have a cup of Starbucks, sit on a comfy easy chair and power up their laptops and tablets on the cafe’s free wifi.
We’re sure Marco Island has it share of these dedicated aficionados, either living here or visiting and relaxing in an outstanding Marco Escapes vacation rental property.

Here’s good news for all. Marco Island’s Planning Board has approved an application for a new, freestanding Starbucks venue.
Assuming approval by the City Council, the new location will be on Collier Boulevard near the intersection with East Elkham Circle. It’s unclear whether the new store will replace the exiting cafe store in the Esplanade or will be an additional home for those who can’t go anywhere without a cup of mocha or dark coffee.